Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the happy list //
things to do when you're upset

Call a friend.  Don't text, Facebook or use Twitter this time.  Reach out and touch someone.

Sing really loud.  At the top of your lungs.  In your car, in public, at home, just do it!

 Take a lesson from Elonzo.  You should write a letter to a friend.  Use a stamp and everything.

Watch a marathon of your favorite show.  For me, that's Gilmore Girls, what's it for you?

 Take a bubble bath.  Breathe in deep, sink in and relax.

Go see a band you love.  Bonus points for a band with great energy, like Man Man.

Listen to your favorite album.  All day if you must.  I listened to I and Love and You all day yesterday.  Great results.  ;)

Change your ringtone to a friend's infectious laughter.  For me, that person is Zac McBee.

Hug your friends.  

Do something fun with your hair.  You can always undo it later if you want.

Plan a party with a ridiculous theme.  Enjoy every last detail.

Pick up an instrument.  Whether you can play it or not, have fun with it.  Ukeleles are awesome for that.

Watch an old movie.  Preferably in black and white.  

Dance around your living room.  In your undies.  Sing in your hairbrush. 

Jump up and down on the bed.  You're a rebel!

Plan an extravagant trip that you may or may not go on.  Learn things about a new city.

Fly a kite.  Better yet, have a kite flying contest.

Hula hoop yourself silly.  Listen to the Beach Boys while you do it. 

Pull an Otis Redding.  Sit on the dock of the bay.  Really, anywhere near water.  There's something calming about it.

Write a fan letter.  Let the person know why they inspire you/why you love them.

Go to the record store.  Give yourself a limit.  $10, $20, whatever.  Find something new to you or something with positive memories.  Turn it up!

Listen to Huey Lewis sing "Heart & Soul."  Clap even.  (I may or may not be saying this because I happen to be doing this at work right now!!!)

Buy a new lip product.  Chapstick, lipstick, stain, gloss, balm, liner, whatever.  Pick your poison and rock it proudly.  

Get a fountain drink.  Mix all your faves.  Relish it.  Name it.  Enjoy it.

 Dress as a character for a day.  Laugh at the reactions you get.  The more props you can utilize, the better.

Grab a friend and do a photo shoot.  Props, costumes, makeup, hair, the whole shebang.  Do it up!  Make Elton John proud of you.  Laugh until your side hurts at the end result.

♥ Might as well face it you're awesome!