Monday, December 27, 2010

Milkjug Monday:
Little District


Little District was founded in late 2007 in North Carolina. 
Lead singer and songwriter Eric Lockwood leads his band, 
blending rock and roll, folk and dirty blues into their frantic and energetic live performance.


Eric Lockwood - Guitars, Vocals
Case Federal - Keys, Vocals
Rusty Hunter - Drums
Zac McBee - Guitars, Harp, Vocals

I know I'm biased because Eric is my boyfriend 
I love Zac & Case dearly
 truly they have great energy.
Every show is something different.
Catch them at a show if you're in the Charlotte area.  

Reverb Nation

Little District is releasing their self titled first album January 8, 2011.
Show is at 8 o'clock at Snug Harbor here in Charlotte!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Milkjug Monday:
Perry Fowler


Perry is cool. He plays music. Often by himself. Sometimes with others. You should see him play. He is really good.

"Fowler's name is one that is always
popping up on my radar. He's a talented
songwriter with a coffeehouse folk vibe to
him. Sitting on a stool, banging the
tambourine with his foot, Fowler has the 
easy ability to draw people in with his
lyrics and laid-back demeanor."
-Jeff Hahne, Creative Loafing


We almost never miss a Perry Fowler show.
Everyone I know loves 'em some Perry Fowler.
He's like a one man band.
My favorite of his is the song "One Inch Worm".
"You are my friend, that I'll stick with to the end 
but don't take offense because I never call."
You can hear Perry on his Reverb Nation.
How can you not love that?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's Make Something

I've made chicken tortilla soup before but never did it turn out 
as good as it did with this recipe.
I tried it Wednesday & now I'm hooked for life.

As a renter, I absolutely love this solution to a boring standard issue fridge.
I think a trip to Home Depot may be in my future.  
Find the instructions here over at Delightfully Tacky, one of my favorite blogs.

Seriously, how cute are these?
I want to make a bunch for a dinner party.
Find the instructions here.

Lusting after the kind from Williams Sonoma, 
I googled how to make my own peppermint bark.
There is a great recipe here.
Word to the wise:  thin layers work best. :)

If I were a cupcake, I would so want to be this one!
It's Blue Hawaiian Upside-Down.
Find the recipe here.

I'm really tired after a busy weekend.
Is it Christmas Eve yet?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Case Federal at The Double Door 12-17-10

Friday Night Recording

Several hours of drum track recording has this effect on me.

Today has been awesome.
First of all, I had the day off which is always fun.
Second of all, I scored a deal on an album I am now in love with forever.
It's Naked Willie from Willie Nelson.
The songs are all from his early years at RCA.
They're stripped down versions of the originals though.
Gone are the fancy arrangements.  
What's left is pure and unadulterated Willie Nelson at his finest.
I'm so in love.
"Laying My Burdens Down" is so catchy I can't stop listening to it.
"Bring Me Sunshine" is the happiest love song I've heard in a while.
God, I love Willie Nelson!  

This picture cracks me up!!! (source)

Another cool thing that happened today was that I found
the most amazing sweater on sale at Anthropologie in purple!
It's mohair, I think, and has a ruffle around all the edges expect the arm opening.
I am super excited to have found it!
I've never owned any clothing from Anthro, excluding socks, until now.
I also picked up some of the adorable gift wrap I was coveting from there.
I got it on sale!
One thing is a wooden spool of sunshine yellow velvet ribbon.  
It's such a happy color.
I plan to embellish a cheapie Target cardigan with it to jazz it up.
Pictures to come soon!  

Anyway, tonight I am just hanging out at Jeremy's
while the Eric & Rusty are here recording songs for their new album.
He has the best art on his walls.
I'm trying to be quiet, hopefully my banging on the computer keys
isn't showing up on the recording.
I feel like I'm always sitting on the couch near people while they record.
So yeah, I could not be happier for Eric.
He's wanted this for as long as I've known him.
It's nice to see it finally working out for him.
I'm gifting him the materials for the album for Christmas.
Blank printable cds, jewel cases, ink, paper, yada yada.
I see a lot of cd replication in my computer's future.
Eric drew the album art already & I can't wait to post it on here.

I hope everyone is having a safe & warm Friday night!
Take care everyone!  Love you all.

Forever a band momma, Christina

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moving on & moving up.

*This post is super cheesy.
It's on my heart though & I have to get it out!!!!

In my life, I've held a lot of jobs.
I've definitely had more than my share of managers.
Some were good, some were bad, some were forgettable & some were/are inspiring.
Over the past 10 years, there have been 5 managers,
on a store manager level, 
that have captured a place in my heart forever.
They've gone beyond motivating me in my work life, 
they've inspired me in my personal life.
This post is for & about them.

1.  Precia.  (American Eagle)
The value of hard work I learned from this amazing lady.
She taught me what it means to be passionate about your what you're doing, 
not only at work but also in life in general.  
If you see something that needs to be done, do it.
Find something you love & do it well.
Treat the store like it's your home.
She played a major role in my life 
that I'm eternally grateful for on a personal level.
She helped me become an independent person.
She's one of my favorite people of all time & a hero of mine!
I feel lucky to count her as a friend now!

2. Tracy (Bath & Body Works)
This lady taught me how to make customers feel right at home.
She taught me to approach people like they're you're best friend.
She taught me the importance of being excited about your product.
One of the most valuable things she taught me was 
to get on each customer's level.
If someone is speaking rapidly & in a hurry, speed up.
If they're calm & in no hurry, slow it down, even if you're busy.
People love to know you're really listening.

3.  Jim (Sephora)
I showed up at my interview with him fresh from a 4 hour drive,
rambling on to him about how I curled my hair in the bathroom
and loved Sephora with all my heart.
He took a chance on me & I moved to Charlotte where I knew no one
to do makeup for a new store that was opening.
Jim taught me the value behind the products.
Before working for him, I would feel weird sometimes
when telling a customer a high price for a product.
Jim helped me to understand not only the value of the products
but also the value of my knowledge.
If it weren't for Jim, I have no idea where I would be in life.
There'd be no North Carolina chapters in my story.
I'm eternally grateful to him for taking a chance on me!

4. John (Sam Ash)
I have never met anyone else with such amazing life stories.
I learned so much about music while working at Sam Ash.
John has led the kind of life I could only hope to live.
Seriously, super cool.

5.  Eric (Where I currently work)
Be nice to others and they'll be nice to you.
Eric taught me that it's the people that make the job.
Without him, I would never be doing what I am now.
He's a genuinely nice person who's honest with customers.
He's entirely patient with the most trying of customers.
Sometimes I get super frustrated but he takes it all in stride.
It inspires me to be more like that!
Today was my last day working with him.
He leaves tomorrow to work for Louis Vuitton,
the best of the best jobs in my world.
I could not be more excited for someone!!!

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Writing Christmas cards.
♥ Jenny & Johnny on Conan
Making scarves for everyone.
Trying new recipes & succeeding.
Watching the SOR kids sing Eric's song.
Spending time with my best friend before she moves.
Seeing great things happen to great people.
Finding inspiration in unexpected places.
 Pleasant strolls down memory lane that take you unexpected places.
The knowledge that everything will be alright.
Klaussen pickles!
 Helping Eric release his album!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Milkjug Monday:

Who They Are & What They Do

Elonzo is an independent Americana/Folk Rock band based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina. In the heart of the Carolina Piedmont, they write songs about everyday life: sitting around on the front porch, watching the train go by, loss of loved ones, childhood, their hometown and their dreams. Elonzo’s music represents some of the most classic elements of the Southeastern United States: earnestness, good story-telling, and an awareness of tragedy that never seems too far around the corner.

Elonzo began as a “family gathering” trio comprised of singer/songwriter Jeremy Davis (Vocals/Guitar), sister Maggie Bourdeau (Vocals/Keys), brother-in-law Dan Bourdeau (Drums/Percussion), expanding to include Dennis Contreras (Bass) .

Elonzo’s debut, “All My Life”, went through multiple iterations before being sent to print in October 2008. The beginnings of “All My Life”, and Elonzo for that matter, began when Jeremy would drive down from Atlanta to write, record, and make grand plans with Dan. These sessions and songs were lost to hard drive failures and time. It wasn’t until after Maggie and Dan were married, that Jeremy decided to move down to Rock Hill and Elonzo was truly born. Jeremy, Maggie, and Dan all moved together to the East Town Neighborhood of Rock Hill, where they reside on E. White St.

The final version of “All My Life” was recorded and mostly conceived at their home on E White St. This post-Victorian, turn of the century home, approximately 60 feet from a train track, became a perfect jumping off point for Jeremy’s writing, see: “Train Song”, “Super South”, and “612 E. White St. Elonzo recently (December 2009) release a follow up EP ( Extended Play), and is touring to support both records in 2010.

For Elonzo, living in a town, a house, and a neighborhood that are all archetypal in their southernness, and at the same time a bit forgotten and dilapidated, has been and is a beautiful and inspirational experience.

Where To Find Them

One of my favorite Elonzo songs!  

Not only are these folks all incredible musicians, 
they put on a damn good show.
Their music is absolutely beautiful & super chill.
If you like Band of Horses, you're gonna love Elonzo.  
I most definitely do.  

Monday, December 6, 2010

Milkjug Monday:
Case Federal & The Agents


Case Federal & The Agents is a Charlotte based Avant-Jazz quintet. 
Their music ranges anywhere from Folk to Jazz to Indie to Jam 
and all in between, 
with songs about loss of love, the changing seasons, self-discovery, 
insomniac adventures, fictional love stories, meditation, 
introspective decision making, the chaos theory, etc... 
Our shows are high energy progressive/jazz/jam performances, 
with a wide variety of songs featuring guitars, bass, keyboards, alto & tenor sax, and drums; 
all based behind an eclectic operatically trained voice to bring the stories to life.


Case Federal- Guitar/Piano/Percussion/Vocals
Steve Saldute- Bass
Seth Phillips- Tenor/Alto Saxophone

Marcus Harmon- Tenor Saxophone/Vocals
Colin Ray- Drums


My favorite Case Federal song!!! "Vodka with Lime"

Case Federal ( that's his REAL NAME-cool right?!) is a favorite.
He's one of my boyfriend's best friends & coworkers.
He & The Agents make music that is FUNKY FRESH!
I personally think it's impossible to listen to Case & the Agents & be sad.
Their music makes me super happy!
I hope you love it too!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa...

Hey!  What's up?
I'm good. 
How are you???
This year I've grown up a lot
so my list is different than it's ever been.
I hope you can find some of these things.
I will appreciate anything though!
Thanks for reading.
You rock!

And so it begins...

These are so cute! 
I've never had the need for a food processor before
but now that I'm cooking frequently
I could definitely use one of these!
They're only $40 over at Sur La Table.
This little bank is super cute.
I'm super obsessed with everything owls.
Plus it's my favorite color.
It's only $12 over at Urban Outfitters.
This book is adorable.  
I think it's the perfect way to spend winter afternoons. 

Russian nesting dolls make everything better!
Only $20 bucks at World Market.

To be continued...

Things I Love Thursday

Hennie Hayworth is fantastic.
This is my personal approach to style.

♥ Creating wishlists.
♥ Learning to like cooking.
♥ Crafting Christmas presents.
♥ Meeting new people that are familiar.
♥ Baking cookies to mail out.
♥ Going to friends shows.
♥ Aquolina Pink Sugar, for smelling like exactly that.
♥ Anthropologie gift wrap.
♥ Christmas movies on television!
♥ The possibility of snow.
♥ Lavender vanilla candles.  Thanks Angelina!!
♥ Penguin everything.
♥ Owl everything.
♥ Jack White wearing purple on the Stones In Exile DVD
♥ Watching Conan every single night.
♥ Betsey Johnson socks.
♥ Planning vacations.
♥ Helping Eric get ready to release his album.
♥ Not having to wear workout clothes in public anymore.
♥ Pouring leftover pineapple infused vodka on  blood orange gelato.
♥ Making good for me breakfasts & freezing them.
♥ Victoria's Secret Pink sweats for the lazy days.
♥ Katy Perry's hair & how it always looks fabulous.
♥ Tarina Tarantino everything.
♥ Alabama's "Tennessee Christmas"
♥ Lusting over the new Mariah Carey Christmas album!
♥ The color orange for some reason.
♥ Victorian looking boots.
♥ Crushed red pepper from our summer garden!
♥ My 1 1/2 year old "niece" Olivia playing in makeup. LOL.
♥ Gap's recent habit of fantastic sales!
♥ You for reading this!

Hope you all have a great day & stay warm!


To see the cuteness that is Anthropologie gift wrap....