Monday, January 3, 2011

Milkjug Monday:
Skeleton Kednig


Skeleton Kednig is a new project from former Orsons co-songwriter Chris Steude. Steude has also been a member of several Charlotte area bands in addition to the Orsons, such as Sandcrawler, the Vel-Crows and Attila's Honey, as well as a solo artist since 2006. 

After a year of recording, Steude released his new CD "Immolation" in January 2010 with a full band behind him. Featured on the CD are members of the bands Elonzo and Sandcrawler, as well as producer and New York anti-folk musician Grey Revell, Producer of Paleface's "The Show is on the Road" 

"Immolation" is Skeleton Kednig's second release, after the limited release of "the Solitude Session" in April of 2009.


*Go to Reverb Nation & listen to "When I Go".  
You'll be glad you did.
Skeleton Kednig is the newest band from one of our favorite people.
Steude aka "The Reverend" writes AMAZING storytelling songs.

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