Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make Up to Break Up???

Boscia's Make Up Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil

Although I'm not really one to be "on the bus" as far as natural skincare goes, I am truly impressed by this darling from Boscia that I consider an essential.

Here's the breakdown.
Gentleness 5 stars.  Even my eyes, surrounded by tons of (waterproof) mascara and (waterproof again) liner (even on the inner waterline) weren't irritated by this formula.
Efficiency. 5 stars.  I can run a cotton pad over my skin after using this product just once without turning up as much as a trace of remnant product.
Cost.  4 stars.  While $21 truly is a steal for this kind of pay off, I'd buy it twice as much if it were $19.  I consider all products under $20 to be guilt free purchases in this economy.  
About the oil...
I have oily skin and was weary at first.  However, you gals should know not all oil is bad.  Some oils cut oils as these do.  Check your caution at the door and proceed.

All in all, I love it.  You'll be amazed at how much you do too!

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