Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And so it begins....

I set a new goal for myself today.  It is to actually use the resources available to me and get 100 blog entries under my belt before New Years Eve of this year.  The plan is to do one every day I work on my lunch break.  Wish me luck!  Today, being the first installment of this particular plan, I have decided to give you all a little history on me.  This is my story.  Well, a part of it.

I was born in Hawaii.
I grew up in WV and TN.
I moved 4 hours away from everyone I knew to work for Sephora here in NC 3 years ago.
I left Sephora for a higher paying job that didn't work out.
I went to Nordstrom with Philosophy cosmetics.
I met my current boyfriend.
We moved to TN.   
I worked for Laura Mercier and BBW, an old employer.
We moved back.
I do freelance work.
I am involved in music.  
It's everywhere around me.
I craft everything and love "upcycling".  
I really hope my future posts will help y'all or at least make you smile!  

Love you all!



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