Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day ZZZZ

Okay, so it's freezing! We've been iced in all weekend. It's been nice. I've been productive. Woo!

So, I lined the drawers in the bathroom cabinet with a super fun piece of scrapbook paper and some contact paper. I made some yoyos out of some of my moms old clothes she gave to me to throw away. (The yoyos are for a secret project I have planned. ) I organized more of my craft supplies. I cleaned the whole apt. We finally started working on cleaning up some of the random music equipment that's been lying around for quite some time. A LOT of girly movies were watched in our house this weekend. I started organizing my closet. Overall, I feel like I can sleep easier now. I like getting things done.

I wish there was just a teensy bit more snow and a lot less ice. Then I could do this!!!!

Until then, I'm getting some sleep.

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