Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cargo Liquid Powder

From the moment I was introduced to this product, I've been in love with it! This product does it all!!! Use it as a primer for flawless, smooth as a rose petal base for your mineral makeup. It does a fabulous thing when applied underneath mineral foundations such as Bare Minerals on deeper skin tones: it nixes the ashiness and gives a lit from within glow. I absolutely love doing that!!! Apply it over your favorite liquid foundation, mine is Dior Forever, and it sets your makeup beautifully! It gives you that luminous look with optical light diffusers ala the Clinique Loose Gentle Light Powder. My absolute absolute FAVORITE use for this product though is clean up!!! If you're like me and your shadow brushes get a little too shadow laden and pigment rains down on your cheeks where only complexion products need go all too often, this product saves the day. Just a small amount of this miracle makeup swiped across the affected area and you're good to go. It takes away all the runaway pigment and you never have to remove any of your other makeup. I mean, yeah, I know I could put on my complexion products last or hold a tissue beneath my eyes but I'm a rebel. Cargo Liquid Powder saves the day!!! All that and it's oil free! I'm in LOVE!!

What they say...

Liquid Powder™ is a luxurious formula that offers the mattifying properties of a loose powder in a slim, flexible, carry-anywhere tube. This silky liquid turns into a velvety smooth matte finish upon application, and contains revolutionary light reflecting pigments that act as optical smoothing agents and help reduce the visibility of fine lines. Oil-free and suitable for all skin types, Liquid Powder™ can be used in place of a traditional powder, to set a woman's makeup for a polished finish that looks natural. Liquid Powder™ can also be used as a makeup primer, for the ultimate in multi-use functionality.

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