Tuesday, October 5, 2010

how to become a sofa owner

go to Ikea on a chilly day and nap...

have a friend test the sofa for nap-ability...

check to make sure it's comfy...

comfy = check!
proceed to checkout
place the giant box in mom's cobalt
get bf to assemble it
congrats you grown up!

Yes, I am a huge dork.  
It's so fun though.  :)
This was the funniest day.  
I became a sofa owner in Jan.
I just found the pictures today.  

Right now I'm listening to The Orsons.
Wishing they were still together.
Still laughing at How I Met Your Mother.
Thinking about painting my toenails Packers green.
Looking up recipes for soups.  
Cleaning the house for my mom's visit this week.  
Hope you're having a great night!    

1 comment:

  1. And what a comfortable couch it is! I imagine sitting on the couch looking up some soup recipes on a cold fall day... ahhhh. I hope all the trees turn the same color as your couch. :)