Friday, October 15, 2010

I Love Fridays

Every Friday I'm going to go do a list of things I love this week.
Here's the first one.  :)

♥ going to The Penguin with Eric

♥ watching new to me movies: The Breakfast ClubWhen Harry Met Sally

♥ eating crunchy food (I'm having major dental work come Monday)

♥ wrapping up in my prettiest quilts on chilly sick days

♥ planning a trip to Nashville for my birthday

♥ learning to use Polyvore

♥ watching Under Great White Northern Lights

♥ coloring my hair "comic book" red

bacon pops that sound gross but look oh so good

♥ buying yarn that will probably take me a long time to use

♥ the Free People blog

♥ listening to Jenny and Johnny's I'm Having Fun Now

♥ searching for the perfect black tights

♥ daydreaming about all the Betsey Johnson dresses I would buy if I were rich

The Have & The Have Nots

♥ caramel hot chocolate served in one of my Anthro mugs

♥ homemade pizza just out of the oven

♥ finding bacon salt at Target

♥ good hair days when you least expect them :)

♥ the good ole days

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