Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christina & Eric: The story of us.

Picture it, Charlotte.
3 years ago.
A chilly fall evening.
I had just stopped crushing on a guy.
A band guy of course.
We'd gone to Atlanta a day or so before.
I still had his phone charger in my car.
I offered to bring it to his show that Saturday night.
He was playing at SK Net Cafe.
I showed up after work at Sephora.
I had on sweats & full makeup.
I really did not give a f**k.
I was ready to go.
I saw his opening act.
There were 2 guys in the band.
It was their first show.
They seemed like they were having the time of their lives.
One of the guys caught my attention.
I listened to every word of every song.
I loved the way he put so much emotion in every syllable.
I could tell it was something he loved.
I watched the way he interacted with everyone.
He treated everyone in the place exactly the same.
I decided that was it for me.
I told the girls I was with that I would marry "that guy".
They laughed at me.
Crazy girl.
I don't know how I knew it but I did.
In reality I'm a pretty shy person, at least with guys.
I had to talk to these people though.
First I met Zac & then I met "that guy" Eric.
"That guy" sat down beside me to talk music.
The rest, my dear, is history.

3 roller coaster years.
2 people learning what it really means to love.
1 story in the making.

*That is the only night in history I have ever gone out on a Saturday in sweats.
He told me later he thought I was "interesting" looking.
Go figure. LOL.

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