Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Birthday Goodies & Other Nonsense

 ♥Our friends Candace & Steude, of Skeleton Kednig, brought me
these pretty flowers.  I never get flowers.  I'm still thrilled!

♥I got these freakin-adorable owl salt & pepper shakers.  Love them!

♥My best friend Angelina always laughs at me because I say 
I'll only clean if I have pink cleaning stuff.  She hooked me up.  

♥This is my favorite palette ever!!!  I need to do a review on it.  
I'm so in love.  It lights up & it's NYC.  AHHH!  ♥

So yeah, I turned 28 this past weekend.  It was fun.
We just had a few friends over and made these amazing mini cheeseburgers.
Of course, the girls & I had a couple bellinis. Naturally.

Today I'm just getting ready for tomorrow.
Well, that and making a version of Panera's broccoli & cheese soup.
I'll post the recipe later if it turns out swell.

I'm also working on a Milkjug series that I'll start posting next month 
but more about that later.  I have to work on it.
I have been listening to the sampler all morning.  Seriously, it's love...

I almost forgot!  I got this super cute slip for my birthday too.  
I need to rotate this picture but I'll do it later.  
In fact, I'll take a better picture.  
Anyway, it's Free People.  I love it.  It's lavender with tiny pink flowers.
I wear dresses everyday and the only other slip I had until I got this was neon green.
It was definitely needed.  To say the least.  :)  

Well, happy Wednesday everyone.  Happy Thanksgiving too!  
If you're not into Thanksgiving, have a great day off work tomorrow!!!

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