Monday, November 29, 2010

Milkjug Monday:
Intro to Milkjug Productions

Milkjug Productions started in 2005 when a couple of local musicians
were hanging out one dark and stormy night in Huntersville, NC... 
The weather prevented them from going outside, and drove them into the 
space in the garage where a plethora of instruments where discovered. 
The musicians proceeded to bring out the instruments one by one and as the 
night grew darker, and the musician grew more inebriated, they got to playing 
some songs and telling stories... One story came up about a guy and his love 
for a milkjug (trust me, it's too long of a story to tell now) but henceforth, 
the name Milkjug Productions was adapted. 

It all started just like this.  
Well, in the garage...
This was at The Sweet Pea in Concord, NC.
I took this picture around 3 years ago.
We all got together almost every night back then,
playing music, eating chicken wings & "zacaroni", 
drinking & building a community.
What a strange trip it's been.

In this photo: left to right:
*Zac, Milkjug Grandmaster
(Attila's Honey, Moses Cherry & The Topless Gospel Choir, Surrounded by Spaniards)
*Tex Santos
(The Orsons, Emptiness Engine)
(Attila's Honey, Sandcrawler, Surrounded by Spaniards, MC & TTGC*)
(Case Federal & The Agents, Federal Falls, Little District)
(We're Magicians Too)
(Little District)
(The Orsons, Attila's Honey, Sandcrawler, SbS*, Vampire Wookie)
(Attila's Honey, Vampire Wookie)
(Attila's Honey)
(The Orsons, Sandcrawler)

*MC & TTGC = Moses Cherry & The Topless Gospel Choir
*SbS = Surrounded by Spaniards

I am sad I didn't get in this picture.  
I used to take pictures of everything on my ancient digital camera.
Oh well, at least I got to capture the magic!!!

Over the next few months, every Monday
I am going to do a post to introduce a Milkjug band or artist.
My hope is that you'll check it out & give them a listen!  
I can't imagine life without these folks.

(It's a Milkjug thing.)

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