Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Long Overdue:
Porch Garden Photos

Cayenne peppers were my only really success.  
I was able to get peppers from the plant well into September.
The early days of my gardening experience. 
In the buckets left to right:  
zucchini, tomatoes (can't remember which kind) & cayenne. 
In the bottles hanging left to right:  
jalapenos (Eric's fave), cilantro (my fave) & basil.

It eventually got bigger and better than that.  
Sadly, I didn't take anymore pictures.
I love that we used all upcycled containers.
Eric & I started it as something to do together.
I admit it was really nice to be able to make pizzas with mostly our stuff.
The basil was always fantastic.  
We loved it so much we started another plant indoors.
The onions we grew in soda bottles were surprisingly delicious.
Eric loved the jalapenos he collected.
I still use the cayenne peppers from our garden now.  
It was really cool to see what we could & couldn't grow.
I can't wait to try again this spring!

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