Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Hennie Hayworth is fantastic.
This is my personal approach to style.

♥ Creating wishlists.
♥ Learning to like cooking.
♥ Crafting Christmas presents.
♥ Meeting new people that are familiar.
♥ Baking cookies to mail out.
♥ Going to friends shows.
♥ Aquolina Pink Sugar, for smelling like exactly that.
♥ Anthropologie gift wrap.
♥ Christmas movies on television!
♥ The possibility of snow.
♥ Lavender vanilla candles.  Thanks Angelina!!
♥ Penguin everything.
♥ Owl everything.
♥ Jack White wearing purple on the Stones In Exile DVD
♥ Watching Conan every single night.
♥ Betsey Johnson socks.
♥ Planning vacations.
♥ Helping Eric get ready to release his album.
♥ Not having to wear workout clothes in public anymore.
♥ Pouring leftover pineapple infused vodka on  blood orange gelato.
♥ Making good for me breakfasts & freezing them.
♥ Victoria's Secret Pink sweats for the lazy days.
♥ Katy Perry's hair & how it always looks fabulous.
♥ Tarina Tarantino everything.
♥ Alabama's "Tennessee Christmas"
♥ Lusting over the new Mariah Carey Christmas album!
♥ The color orange for some reason.
♥ Victorian looking boots.
♥ Crushed red pepper from our summer garden!
♥ My 1 1/2 year old "niece" Olivia playing in makeup. LOL.
♥ Gap's recent habit of fantastic sales!
♥ You for reading this!

Hope you all have a great day & stay warm!


To see the cuteness that is Anthropologie gift wrap....

Trim a cardigan?
Embellish a pillow?
Make a headband?
Make a necklace?
Cover everything in these????
I can think of a million things to do with these.
If I get nothing else in my stocking, I hope I get one or some of these!
They're all around $8 and just what I've been "needing". 

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