Monday, December 13, 2010

Milkjug Monday:

Who They Are & What They Do

Elonzo is an independent Americana/Folk Rock band based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina. In the heart of the Carolina Piedmont, they write songs about everyday life: sitting around on the front porch, watching the train go by, loss of loved ones, childhood, their hometown and their dreams. Elonzo’s music represents some of the most classic elements of the Southeastern United States: earnestness, good story-telling, and an awareness of tragedy that never seems too far around the corner.

Elonzo began as a “family gathering” trio comprised of singer/songwriter Jeremy Davis (Vocals/Guitar), sister Maggie Bourdeau (Vocals/Keys), brother-in-law Dan Bourdeau (Drums/Percussion), expanding to include Dennis Contreras (Bass) .

Elonzo’s debut, “All My Life”, went through multiple iterations before being sent to print in October 2008. The beginnings of “All My Life”, and Elonzo for that matter, began when Jeremy would drive down from Atlanta to write, record, and make grand plans with Dan. These sessions and songs were lost to hard drive failures and time. It wasn’t until after Maggie and Dan were married, that Jeremy decided to move down to Rock Hill and Elonzo was truly born. Jeremy, Maggie, and Dan all moved together to the East Town Neighborhood of Rock Hill, where they reside on E. White St.

The final version of “All My Life” was recorded and mostly conceived at their home on E White St. This post-Victorian, turn of the century home, approximately 60 feet from a train track, became a perfect jumping off point for Jeremy’s writing, see: “Train Song”, “Super South”, and “612 E. White St. Elonzo recently (December 2009) release a follow up EP ( Extended Play), and is touring to support both records in 2010.

For Elonzo, living in a town, a house, and a neighborhood that are all archetypal in their southernness, and at the same time a bit forgotten and dilapidated, has been and is a beautiful and inspirational experience.

Where To Find Them

One of my favorite Elonzo songs!  

Not only are these folks all incredible musicians, 
they put on a damn good show.
Their music is absolutely beautiful & super chill.
If you like Band of Horses, you're gonna love Elonzo.  
I most definitely do.  

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