Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa...

Hey!  What's up?
I'm good. 
How are you???
This year I've grown up a lot
so my list is different than it's ever been.
I hope you can find some of these things.
I will appreciate anything though!
Thanks for reading.
You rock!

And so it begins...

These are so cute! 
I've never had the need for a food processor before
but now that I'm cooking frequently
I could definitely use one of these!
They're only $40 over at Sur La Table.
This little bank is super cute.
I'm super obsessed with everything owls.
Plus it's my favorite color.
It's only $12 over at Urban Outfitters.
This book is adorable.  
I think it's the perfect way to spend winter afternoons. 

Russian nesting dolls make everything better!
Only $20 bucks at World Market.

To be continued...

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